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364 Supertest Road
Suite 200 
Toronto, Ontario  M3J 2M2

Tel/Fax: (416) 661-8894
OTS No. 3000156

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Welcome to Micor Recycling Ltd.

Micor Recycling Ltd. has been in the tire recovery and recycling business for over 25 years. By maintaining a high quality of servicing, Micor has been able to assist many of the leading chains in all of their tire removal needs. Micor has currently expanded its service routes to include ALL OF ONTARIO. Whether a large or small pick up, Micor has the equipment and professionalism to handle the job.

As of September 1, 2009, Micor is pleased to announce it has become a registered member of the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) Program. If you are a member of the OTS Program, we will pick your tires up for free within 24 hours of your call. Our license number is 3000156. Make sure you are registered as a collector to qualify.

Micor is committed to cleaning up the environment, one tire at a time!

Ontario Tire Stewardship Program

The Ontario Tire Stewardship Program came into effect September 1, 2009. By registering online, collectors are now able to receive free pick-up. Once registered, Micor will pick your tires up and will fill out all OTS forms so that you will be eligible for a fee from the OTS. Micor's professional service team will work with each client directly to ensure that all OTS paperwork is in order and processed efficiently.

Micor service managers will assist all new clients in registering for the OTS Program. By simply calling us at 416-661-8894 one of our courteous service staff will come to your place of business to work with you hand –in-hand so that you can easily become members of the program. Once you are members, we will provide free hauling services for all your used tires. For further information, or to become a member of the OTS Program, please click here.

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